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Outdoor Lighting PerspectivesOur Case Studies

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® wants to ensure your lighting display has an impact and meets your goals, whether it is for your family or business. Take a closer look at the following case studies to see how we transformed these homes and businesses to stand out after dark.

OLP Helps Gordan Ramsay to Rebuild Ellicott City

OLP Helps Gordan Ramsay to Rebuild Ellicott City

Tiffany Hill Bed & Breakfast

Tiffany Hill Bed And Breakfast Cast Study Cover

Great Oak Manor Bed & Breakfast

Greater Oak Bed And Breakfast Cast Study Cover

Culver's Restaurants

Culver's Restaurant

Vince Young Steakhouse

Vince Young Steakhouse

Marywood Conference Center

Marywood Retreat and Conference Center

Dallas Texas Home

Dallas Residential Home

West Houston Home

West Houston Residential Home

St. Louis English Home

St. Louis Residential Home

Dayton Ohio Home

Dayton Ohio Home Case Study